TAAEF and our partners provide education and training programs that give entry-level talent an opportunity to be better prepared for a career in the apartment industry in Texas. Through military/veteran outreach, as well as collaboration with Goodwill Industries, local apartment associations and community colleges, we have ramped up our efforts across the state in order to train skilled, entry-level talent for maintenance and leasing positions.

Our college undergraduate and graduate programs at universities across Texas develop students and connect them with existing apartment industry professionals in order to strengthen the industry network throughout the state.

More About Our Programs

TAAEF outreach spans across Texas universities and the community

Apartment Professionals Program & Goodwill Partnership

Depending on local requirements and interests, students in the maintenance course may also receive training and certificates for Certified Pool Operator (CPO), EPA, OSHA and more. After completion of the exam, students are awarded certificates, participate in a graduation ceremony and attend a career fair to help receive job placements with local employers and members of local apartment associations.

The program and interaction with local apartment association members also increased positive impressions of the apartment industry by the students and partners, and has had the indirect result of engaging many local member companies and TAAEF donors who previously had not participated in other events. To date, classes have been held in Austin, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio and we continue to work towards a launch in Dallas and Ft. Worth as well, while also exploring other areas.

Military Outreach

Our military outreach efforts encompass three communities: veterans, those in the process of leaving the service, and military spouses. TAAEF has provided since 2012, together with the National Apartment Association Education Institute and local associations, TAAEF provides free Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Training (CAMT) programs for these service men and women throughout the state and is currently working to provide these trainings and the Apartment Leasing Professionals program directly on military bases. TAAEF and donor companies routinely attend career fairs targeted to military communities andĀ focus much of the Room to Grow awareness raising campaign on this community provide military specific scholarships to ensure individuals are set up for success.

Colleges and Universities

TAAEF supports undergraduate education and curriculum through various residential management and real estate management courses at the University of North Texas, University of Houston and the University of Texas at San Antonio.